Couples Counselling

The purpose of Couples counselling is to help couples to stay together. In the case of a separation the role of a counsellor is to bring you both to an amicable place. The counsellor will take on many different roles during this process including that of a facilitator, observer and mediator.

Couples counselling can be a long and difficult process and therefore needs patience and commitment; but don't worry your counsellor will be with you for each step you take. Couples counselling can help with a number of issues including, arguments, commitment issues, jealousy and anger, poor communication, breakdown in trust, pre-material counselling, sexual problems, extra-material affairs and marriage guidance.

Our sessions last for one hour and cost 50 pounds; we do offer an assessment session for half the time and half the fee. You are under no obligation to book a set amount of appointment and the frequency of sessions is up to you.

For an appointment please call our office on 020 8688 0010.

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